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Online Hypnobirthing Masterclass
Teaching you the essentials of how to achieve a peaceful birth in 3 short hours!
27 Nov, 10:00 GMT – 28 Nov, 13:00 GMT

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing involves extensive antenatal preparation in order to empower birthing parents for a positive experience. It works by reducing the fear and anxiety surrounding birth by arming you with knowledge. Knowledge is power right? It involves using breathing techniques, relaxation tools, relaxation mp3's and learning about the science of  how labour and childbirth works and how to make it work for you. Hypnobirthing is beneficial for both birthing parents and their companions. 

Hypnobirthing has been proven to reduce birthing parent's fear and anxiety surrounding childbirth. It has also been used by celebs such as Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton.  Furthermore, 

I have seen firsthand the rewards and benefits of hypnobirthing from my midwifery practice.  It works!




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What will you learn?

Breathing techniques.
Antenatal exercises.
The role of the birth companion.
How to make informed decisions with confidence.
Reframing your thoughts about birth.
Detailed physiology of birth.
How you can influence your birth for an empowering experience.
10hours of class time. x4 2.5hr classes.
Hand outs and MP3's provided.
Digital Calm Birth book.

Group hypnobirthing classes

Group classes are run online over zoom.

Classes are kept small to allow them to be interactive. This is a great way to meet other couples who are also expecting.

Investment: €225 per couple.

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday November 2nd

Wednesday November 9th

Wednesday November 16th

Wednesday November 23rd

All classes run from 6:30pm for approx 2.5hrs.

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Water Birth

One to One hypnobirthing classes

These classes provide the opportunity for couples to take the course in a more private setting. It is beneficial if you are feeling especially anxious about your upcoming birth for whatever reason. We will be able to discuss how you can influence your birth around any individual special circumstances.

Price: € 300

Email to book in while spots are available. Only 2-3 private clients accepted at a time.

One to one C- Section preparation

This one to one service is specialized to tailor to parents who may have an upcoming c-sectioned planned for whatever reason. 

The purpose of this 1:1 is to prepare you and your partner in practical ways to face this life changing event with confidence. 

We will explore what a c-section involves.

How to use hypnobirthing tools to overcome crippling fear.

Reframe the mind for a more positive experience. 

Humanize the experience. 

Duration of course: 1.5hours 

Price: €65

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Please feel free to email me or whatsapp/text on 0863581177 for more information.


The benefits of hypnobirthing.

  • It reduces fear and anxiety. 

  • Increased maternal satisfaction. 

  • Better neonatal outcomes.

  • Better bonding with baby.

  • Reduced rates of intervention.

  •  Better decision making.

  • Helps reduce tension and pain.