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About Me

My name is Jubi, I am a midwife and hypnobirthing specialist based in Dublin Ireland. I work in one of the busiest and oldest maternity hospitals in Europe. I have the privilege of being part of a special moment in people's lives, the birth of their babies. When training as a midwife, I always thought birth was a natural instinctive process that all healthcare professionals facilitated. Not until I started practicing as a midwife, did I realize the lack of support and information women are actually getting. I did some further training to be qualified as a hypnobirthing instructor with The Calm Birth School. It has completely changed how I view birth, it has also helped me to improve the way I support women and their families during their labour and birthing experience. I have had the opportunity to witness many women hypnobirthing their beautiful babies into the world without fear and with so much courage and confidence. It has now become a passion of mine to enable and empower as many mothers as I can to achieve a peaceful birthing experience. An experience whereby they feel heard, supported and fearless!   I am passionate about helping people prepare for a peaceful and more positive birth.

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