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Client Birth Stories

Feedback: Testimonials

I am finally getting a chance to write my birthing story, better start before baby wakes again for another feed :D. This is my second baby. In summary, with my first baby, I had a planned C-section as my baby was breech. I only found this out at 36 weeks and while the surgery itself went okay, I felt like I was overall just going with the flow and not really informed on much until either just before it happened or after. This time, I really wanted a Vbac, I wanted to be as informed as possible on the best ways to achieve this, additionally, I was very anxious about Vbac because of the possible side effects I believed could come with it. I decided to do a four-week hypnobirthing course with Jubi. My baby was born on the third of June in a hospital. I am glad I did the hypnobirthing course as it definitely allowed me to feel more informed and know what options I have throughout my birthing journey. I was offered a sweep but wanted to avoid it and give my body more time to go into natural labour, and this did happen! I was aware of all the symptoms of going into labour and I started feeling those surges while I was at home in the evening. Although I dreaded the thought of labour starting initially, once I was aware of all the different techniques and tools that Jubi went through, I had sent my husband that night to get me the Tens machine. As well as the deep breathing, this machine made my initial stage of labour much more manageable. I felt I dealt with the pain pretty well at home using the breathing, tens machine, yoga ball and my own environment with the things I enjoy such as my wax melts. I stayed at home until my contractions/surges were very close, and went to the hospital the next morning around 9 hours later. However, I ended up having a very long labour, and had taken some painkillers which again I learnt about in the course, they kept me going but due to the length of my labour the next day I opted for an epidural which I felt okay to take at this point (over 24 hours in labour at this stage). I felt everyone in the ward supported me in whatever decision I decided to make. Therefore, by me knowing what I wanted helped tremendously, I felt I wasn’t clueless. I was pretty exhausted by the end of my birthing journey but I was super determined to have this VBAC so I opted for some support and the doctor used a Kiwi to help get my chubby munchkin out. Jubi emphasised the importance of the breathing techniques especially the deep breaths in and deep out, this is something I believe should be followed to a T, practice practice, as this will help enormously when pushing the baby out, something although aware of I didn’t do enough, however, when the doctors suggested the kiwi tool, again I made the decision to allow them to use it, because I had learnt all about it in Jubi’s classes and felt this was the best option for me in the moment I was in. I also ensured my partner was informed throughout and supported me in all the things that helped such as massages, squeezing his hand and providing me with a fan to help me breathe throughout. Once baby had arrived, I was so glad I was able to deliver my baby without having to go through another section, I breastfed my baby as soon as I was able to, once the doctors finished up with my stiches etc. Overall, I am glad I did the course, as I truly feel it gave me the information to keep me informed in my birthing journey. Jubi was a lovely instructor, she was gentle and super caring throughout my journey before and after birth. I highly recommend her x


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