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Ciara's birth story. Induced labour.

So I was brought in to be induced at 8am last Saturday, got given the gel around 10.30 then got to go off for a walk for a few hours then was examined 6 hours later and was told gel had worked and was 2cm dilated and that they could break my waters unfortunately they were no beds on the labour ward so needed to wait till a bed became available before they could break my waters. Whilst waiting I began to have regular strong contractions.

At first I managed to use my breathing techniques you had taught me and used my birthing ball, things quickly started to become more painful and we decided to try a hot shower wasn’t sure if this would help but it really did it bought me another hour or so and then my surges became more intense and we decided to try tens machine and gas and air (again still waiting for bed on labour ward) tens machine was amazing!

By 1.30am they decided I could wait any longer and brought me to the labour ward where they broke my waters things really heated up then and my surges became so strong and fast we decided to go with epidural route as I was beginning to panic but as I was using the gas and air with each surge I was thinking of Jubi’s words of encouragement and my affirmations and it really levelled me and stopped me spiraling into a state of panic and fear! 2 hours after my waters were broken I was fully dilated to 10cm and ready to push I literally had to do 2 pushes and my little Annie was born at 3.27am! (My poor midwife went on her break and warned me to not to do anything whilst she was gone lol) I only sustained a 1st degree tear!

I was able to have my 1 hour skin to skin and breastfeeding with my little lady before she went to NICU for blood sugar monitoring. If it wasn’t for Jubi’s classes I definitely would have panicked and had a totally different birthing experience and wouldn’t have been confident in the decisions around my birth preferences!

I can safely say I had a truly positive birthing experience on this pregnancy and was 100% due to taking Jubi’s classes I will be forever thankful for all of Jubi’s help!

Again thank you so much Jubi I will always think of you and your kind words when I think about the birth of my little Annie.

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