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Mala's assisted delivery birth story.

My little boy was born at 36+5. I was admitted on the 3rd Jan for PET, they were not able to get my blood pressure under control and I was fully expecting to be in for one night and home the next morning.

My waters broke spontaneously at 2am on the 4th Jan, much to mine and the midwife's surprise.

Unfortunately my partner wasn't allowed to come in as I was on the antenatal ward, so I did the first part on my own. My contractions started around 3am, and were quick to get going, I was having 3 in 10 mins almost straight away. I was able to utilise a lot of the things I learnt with you, breathing, affirmations and low deep grunting got me through the first few hours, as well as a bath on the ward with Friends playing on my phone in the back ground .

I got to 7am and was 5cm dilated, was moved to the delivery suite and Rich was able to come in then. Everything happened really quickly from then. I had at this point only had 2 paracetamol and 1 codeine (as per my plan).

Between 7am and 10am I went from 5 to 10cm dilated with no extra pain relief (gas and air made me feel sick). And then came the pushing... I tried for just over an hour but unfortunately Roman was facing the wrong way and so was stuck. The consultant came to see me and discussed the need for forceps delivery in theatre with a spinal. Although this was not what I wanted initially, by this point I was exhausted and knew I couldn't keep pushing so happily agreed to the change in plan. The hypnobirthing definitely helped me to accept the change and to be happy with the decision I made, knowing I asked all the questions I wanted to and felt informed.

My baby was born at 12.34pm by forceps. I required a spinal and episiotomy.

Rich my partner was absolutely amazing throughout the whole thing. He was a great advocate for me and my greatest cheerleader when I was pushing. He told medical professional to repeat themselves when he thought I needed clarification, asked consultants to stop talking when he could see I was having a contraction and just overall kept everyone in their place .

We could not have done it all without your help, so thank you so much. Your course gave us so much confidence and knowledge! Without it, the whole experience would have been much scarier.

I have attached a photo of the little one.

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