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The hypnobirthing transformation. From basic to a knowledgeable queen!

After teaching parents how to achieve a positive birthing experience through hypnobirthing, I have seen the transformation this information has given to women.

Hypnobirthing may come with many perceived ideas. Some myths surrounding this practice are it is to do with mind control or that it's only for home births. You may have heard that only certain type of people use it or that it's for hippies or spiritual people. All these myths could not be further from the truth. Hypnobirthing is a practice that I would encourage all birthing people to look into.

In my 8 years experience in the world of midwifery, I think this is really beneficial for women who find themselves extra anxious or suffer from anxiety. I would also really encourage black and young mums to use it. As people who are statistically known to be more likely to have poorer birth outcomes, it is a great way to stack the odds in your favour and reduce those statistics.

So how can taking a hypnobirthing course transform you and lead you closer to your ideal birth?

  • It could be your first, second or third pregnancy but what most women interested in hypnobirthing all have in common is you just want to know more! It could be more about labour and how it all works, how to overcome the fear of a previous traumatic experience or how to advocate for yourself in the healthcare setting. Most of the time you don’t know what you don’t know and you just want to feel empowered.

  • When you take a hypnobirthing course where you are listened to and given evidence based information, it demystifies labour and birth. It goes from something that seems huge and insurmountable and it’s broken down into bite size steps and it all of a sudden seems doable and almost…. easy.

  • You understand the inner workings of your body and suddenly everything makes sense . You now know things that you didn’t even know to consider. Like how to enhance the hormones responsible for labour and birth, how to get your baby in the optimal position for birth, using your breath to release muscle tension. You can finally stop google searching because all the pieces of the puzzle are now put together for you in an easy to understand format.

  • By the end of your education, you feel empowered and confident. You feel like you know a secret you cannot believe the rest of the world doesn’t know. Less anxiety, fear and doubt. More excitement, planning and blissful daydreaming about your Labour Day. You feel like this knowledge has certainly given you power. This is the hypnobirthing transformation This is what feeling empowered for birth is like.

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